Corporate misconduct is a constant in our lives. Illegal overcharges, fraudulent sales, pricing scams, selling dangerous products, toxic contamination, greenwashing. We’ve seen it all.

Unchecked corporate power threatens all of us.

In Scharfstein v. BP West Coast Products, LLC, our most notable case, David Sugerman led a team of talented consumer protection lawyers in the case that re-defined Oregon law on consumer protection cases. BP illegally overcharged 2 million consumers. David and the team went to trial and achieved a stunning result of over $400 million. After years of appeals, BP finally agreed to settle the case. Under the settlement, some 1.7 million consumers received a total of $185 each and Oregon legal aid and Oregon Consumer Justice will receive more than $33 million each. The illegal charges are no more.

The civil justice system is one of the few places where we can have real opportunities to fight corporate misconduct. Sadly, the right to trial by jury is under attack. But we are committed to doing our part to stand against corporate misconduct.