America was - and is - built by immigrants. It was the refuge that took in our ancestors. We stand with immigrants because we descend from them.

We all come from somewhere.

Chelsea Strautman’s work on behalf of immigrants, including people seeking asylum, is an important part of our firm’s identity. In this moment where the rule of law is being dismantled and constitutional rights flouted, we hold the line. We stand with immigrants and fight ardently for people fleeing persecution, as our own ancestors once did.

In 2018, when the government held nearly 120 asylum seekers incommunicado in a federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon, Chelsea participated in litigation with the ACLU to gain attorney access into the prison. One of the detained asylum seekers Chelsea represented pro bono was a Cameroonian who faced near certain death, unless he was granted asylum. Chelsea’s win quite literally saved a life and will add to the rich texture of our American story as he begins his life anew.

The current administration’s attack on immigrants and people seeking asylum makes it unfathomably difficult to navigate the legal channels. We remain committed to holding America to her promise to be the “shining city upon a hill,” even and most especially when she is forgetting herself.


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